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Can I dance if I'm pregnant?

Bellydance, especially at the Beginners level, is a low impact exercise with no equipment, floor work or intense stretching. I am experienced with teaching pregnant women, and have danced through pregnancy myself, and will guide you on how to adapt movements for your pregnancy.

As with all exercise, it is recommended you talk to your doctor before starting, especially if you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can help. Your doctor is also welcome to contact me directly with questions.

If you are already a bellydancer, you can continue your dance practice throughout your pregnancy with a few minor adjustments.

Can I dance with an injury/after surgery?

If you’re recovering from injury or surgery then I recommend you talk to your doctor for guidance. Bellydance is a low-impact exercise which gently builds core strength and good posture. I will teach you how to avoid pain and injury through safe dance practices.

You can also make an appointment with Shae Martello at Healthfocus Physiotherapy. Shae is an experienced physiotherapist who has been bellydancing for more than a decade. She understands the impacts bellydancing can have on your recovery and will help you decide when it’s the right time for you to dance.

Do I have to perform?

No, performing is completely optional. NEMEDA, our local not-for-profit bellydance network, organises several social events during the year which are limited to bellydancers and our friends. These events provide a safe and friendly environment where you can dance with other bellydancers.

Can men dance?

Yes, they can, and in the Middle East it is very common. However, there are differences in the styling and my scheduled classes are geared towards women’s styles. If you’d like to learn men’s styles, please contact me to organise a private class.